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I doubt about Super Robot Wars, since its main appeal is all the 70's and
80's shows that it takes off the mecha from and the US audience will be
totally clueless about most of them..besides, do you REALLY want to see SRW
dubbed in English? :)

FM 3 is pretty good..but the infantry is way too powerful! Stupid game

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> Here's the URL:
> http://headline.gamespot.com/news/99_11/19_vg_front/index.html
> The site says:
> "GameSpot News has learned that Square's Front Mission 3 is currently
> for the US. The game was released in Japan earlier this year. According to
> sources, the translated Front Mission will hit the US by summer of 2000.
> We'll deliver an import review of the game in the near future."
> The reason I posted this, is the more Japanese games that are released,
> will hopefully lead to more game companies to know that there is a big
> for Japanese games in the US there could be hope for Girens Greed, Super
> Robot Wars, etc. to maybe see a US release. I know I can import Japanese
> games, but I want to know the story of Japanese games, too. Without
> the games FAQ on the Internet.
> Aaron
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