Fri, 19 Nov 1999 20:43:35 EST

Name: Scott Jefferson

Age: 27

Age first got into Gundam: 18

Age first built a Gundam: 18

# of Gundams built: close to 200

Would you be willing to bring your built Gundams to a screening? Sure

Grade of Gundams built and will continue to build: Any grade. I prefer 1/220
scale resin kits, followed by 1/144 scale injection, followed by MG and PG

Conventions attended past year: 0 (I don't get out of town much for anything
other than business, and I'm out of town 50% of the year)

Magazines/comic books purchased past year: 12+ Japanese magazines, 50+
comics, and 100+ novels (sci-fi)

Do you watch Sailor Moon: No

# of Gundam Videos owned: 15 videos, 30 laser disks

# of Gundam books owned: 3 English novel, 5 Japanese mangas, and several
Gundam Weapon Specials, Art of (insert series), the Sentinel RPG, and maybe a
few more books here and there.

Do you play video games?: Yes
# owned: 24+

Hours a week spent on-line: 21

City, State, Country of residence: Albuquerque, NM, USA

Do you build other models?: Yes
What kind?: Table top war-game miniatures and scenery

Finally, would you please describe how you were introduced to Gundam and what
lead to building your first model? I was in a comicbook store, getting
my weekly fix of the X-men, when I notice this really cool model, the
Tekkaman Blade (1/8 scale). I bought it, put it together, and loved it so
much I had to go back and get another. They didn't have any Tekkaman models
left, but they did have some new kits from another series, called Gundam. So
I bought a Neo Gundam, and I just couldn't get enough. Later, when I was in
New York, I happened by some Gundam LDs. Of course I had to get those, just
to see what Gundam was all about. And that's just the beginning ... as later
on, I found the web, and followed the Gundam trail to Hobby Link Japan.


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