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>Anyone got an extra 1/144 08th MS Team Ball kit? How about you Eddie?
>I could not find it anywhere. Is this a limited edition kit?
>Please let me know if you want to sell.
The RB-79K is a Limited Model Series kit, meaning that it's not so detailed
or poseable as the other "regular" kits. Limited Model doesn't imply that
it's a limited edition kit: in fact it's shown in Bandai plastic model kits
catalogue 1999-2000 and I suppose that everything there is still in
production. I think that Limited Models kits are produced only once a year
in a few numbers (like MSV series kits) and that's the reason why they are
hard to find: you have to be at the right place at the right moment.

If you are not in a hurry I'd suggest to place an order at HLJ because
they'll keep looking for it until they find it.

Anyway, I'm building one right now and I'll post a review of RB-79K kit in
a few days (work allowing...).


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