Paul Fields (
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:22:45 EST

>From: "John Kwok" <>
>What did AEUG have? PRIVATE
>BACKERS. Unrealistic considering the size of their fleet and their
>STATE-OF-THE-ART Mobile suits.

IF one of your Private Backers is Anaheim
I don't see the problem. High Tech mobile
suits should be about all they could give

Also there was no technology gap in the
American Civil war, some guys left with
their equipemnt. Just a few of the AEUG
transports could have come from there...
Isn't one of the AEUG ships a defector.

Leftover Zeon ships, no, but as Char does
prove, leftover Zeon gold isn't so hard
to get...


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