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Fri, 19 Nov 1999 03:19:17 -0800

>James Boren asks,
>>When were the Balls first deployed?
>>I had always assumed that they would have been available early on in the
>>OYW considering they are a simple modification of a civilian device. But
>>some things I've read lead me to believe they came out with the GMs at the
>>end of the war.
> That's correct. The actual concept for the Ball came years earlier - it
>was proposed under the development code RX-76, indicating that it came
>after the Guntank and before the Guncannon - but the Federation didn't
>put it into production until the very end of the war, when it became
>apparent that they weren't going to be able to crank out as many GMs as
>they needed for Operation Star One.
> Thus, the Ball seen in the first episode of 08th MS Team, which was
>originally supposed to be a modification of the standard Ball, was
>retconned when the staff belatedly remembered that there _was_ no
>standard Ball at that point in time. It's now billed as one of a hundred
>or so trial units, converted from existing civilian space pods as a trial
>run for the standard Ball (hence the vestigial winch).
>-- Mark

So the Feds only had capital ships for the first 3/4th of the war? G
Generation Zero had a bunch of Fed units at the beginning but were those
all non-cannonical?


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