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Subject: [gundam] Questionnaire

>I want to thank the 9 people that showed up to the pizza forum. We learned
>lot. Our biggest learning was that the vast majority (all but 1) of these
>participants got into watching Gundam and then building Gundams.
>The learning that our client has found so hard to believe is that many of
>participants got into Gundam when they were 7-10 years old.
>We need to determine if this skewed by who we had in the group or if it is
>commonplace. It would help me out a lot if you would take the time to fill
>the following questionnaire. To avoid undo congestion on this system,
>respond to my email:
>Name: Sunny Chow
>Age: 20
>Age first got into Gundam: 4-5
>Age first built a Gundam: 9
># of Gundams built: about 20, half of that number either missing parts or
just nowhere to be found and about another 10 sitting in the closet
>Would you be willing to bring your built Gundams to a screening?
>Grade of Gundams built and will continue to build:
>hg, mg, pg, and non-grade
>Conventions attended past year:
>Magazines/comic books purchased past year:
>none related to gundam or anime
>Do you watch Sailor Moon:
># of Gundam Videos owned:
>only vcds (Gundam V and Gundam 0083)

># of Gundam books owned:
>Do you play video games? # owned:
>not anymore : ) too busy with college.
>Hours a week spent on-line:
>City, State, Country of residence:
>San Diego, Ca USA
>Do you build other models? what kind:
>Evangelion, FSS, whatever I can get my hands on.. Usually I just buy them,
not build them since I don't really have the time now nor would my roommates
stand for the stench of thinner.
>Findally, would you please describe how you were introduced to Gundam and
>lead to building your first model?
 Introduced by TV (I originally came from HKG), though I really didn't get
into it until the college years when my father bought me a MG Gundam as a
gift. You might think its odd that I might receive that sort of gift even in
my late teen years, but I was highly involved in Japanese toys since I was a
child (My dad only worked in the toy distributing business and had to
routinely make trips back then) so I got all sorts of samples when he came
back. Even after we moved to the US, the business was located within
walking distance to Little Tokyo so that only allowed my attraction for
Japanese toys to grow. It was knowing this that my father routinely bought
me models from overseas. So you could say that though I was introduced to
Gundam early on, it was the models that got me involved into it. (ie wanting
to learn what it was about)
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