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Rodrick Su asks,

>Have anyone ever tally up the full strength of AEUG? How many capital
>ships, cruisers, support ship, in-atmosphere transport carriers, mobile
>suits, pilots, etc.

  The only time the animation provides a head count is when the AEUG
launches its attack on Jaburo. At this point, the fleet consists of the
Ahgama, the Radish, and seven Salamis Kai-class cruisers that were stolen
from Federation docks on the moon. The dialogue indicates that the AEUG
has 80 mobile suits, but we only see about 30-40 on screen, and in theory
the ships involved have a maximum capacity of about 50 mobile suits.
About 16 AEUG mobile suits appear to survive the battle - almost all of
which are donated to the Kalaba - and 40 AEUG pilots are sent back into
space afterwards.

  The next time we see the AEUG fleet is in episode 50, where Bright
anxiously watches a display of the three warring fleets and waits for a
chance to fire the captured colony laser. The AEUG starts off the episode
with 15 ships - this is after the intense battles of episode 49 - and
ends up with 12 just before Bright fires the laser.

In the realm of unofficial head counts, the Rapport Deluxe book on Z
Gundam maintains that the AEUG fleet numbers about 30 ships, including
the Ahgama, the Radish, and three or four other Irish-class battleships.
The other two dozen ships would presumably be Salamis-class cruisers. In
theory, such a fleet would be able to carry 150 or more mobile suits.

  As for the Kalaba, their main force is the stolen Audhumla and the 20
or so mobile suits it carries. But they also have local bases in various
locations - notably in Northern Africa - which are each guarded by a few
GM IIIs. All told, the Kalaba presumably has at least a few dozen mobile
suits at its disposal. I'd estimate that the peak strength of the AEUG
and Kalaba might be about 300 mobile suits in total.

John Kwok writes,

>That's what I never found believable about AEUG was that they were WAY too
>well-equipped for rebels. I know they were supposedly secretly funded by
>Anaheim electronics and others, but whole fleets and endless supplies of MS?

  Remember, most of their ships were stolen outright from the Federation.
(And in many cases, this "theft" is really more of a mutiny or defection
by the ships' crews.) Anaheim supplied them with a half-dozen powerful
flagships and all the mobile suits they can eat. At first, Anaheim is
unable to transport mobile suits to Earth to arm the Kalaba, which is why
the AEUG donate all the leftover mobile suits from the Jaburo attack...

  In terms of non-hardware resources, the AEUG enjoys the support of
several lunar cities and space colonies, particularly Side 2 and Granada.
Shortly before the Federation withdraws its support of the Titans, these
evil louts start attacking the AEUG's civilian supporters directly,
carrying out gas attacks on Side 2 colonies.

-- Mark

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