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Tet writes,

>I don't know about Roberto and Appoli simply trading the black ones in
for red
>ones. You forget that they were pretty attached to their Rick Dias. Appoli
>objected strongly to leaving his Rick Dias behind on Earth rather than the
>Mk II or the Hyakushiki !! Now someone with that sort of devotion to a
MS isn't
>going to replace a perfectly good black one for a red one. : )

  Like I already said, I once thought that they simply repainted their
Rick Diases. But at least one black Rick Diases can be seen in the Jaburo
attack in episode 12, long after Apolli and Roberto have gone red. Either
there was a third black one that wasn't repainted, or Char's wingmen
traded up and gave their old black ones to other pilots. That means
there's at least one more Rick Dias out there - and probably two more.

>You are assuming that two black ones were replaced with red ones rather than
>repainted. And I still think Appoli's red one later in the series is
the one
>Emma sheen piloted.

  So what was Apolli piloting while Char and Camille were on Earth? A
Nemo? :-)

  I don't remember whether Emma's red Rick Dias actually blows up in
episode 21 or not. If it didn't, then it's possible that Apolli or one of
the other Rick Dias pilots inherits it. Thus, there are an absolute
minimum of 7 Rick Diases - and again, that's just counting the Ahgama and
Radish pilots.

>Regarding the speculation of Rick Dias in the rest of AEUG Didn't you
just say
>in the Z Plus reply that 20 units was many more than the Rick Dias
production ?

  Given that fewer than 10 units were shown in the animation, it seemed
like a reasonable guess. :-)

>But come to think there might have been one or two other red ones in
the show
>piloted by commanders of Nemo squads, but not a squad of Rick Dias. i.e the
>Rick Dias was reserved for experienced aces ? But still cannot be called mass

  You almost never see commanders using different mobile suits from their
wingmen - which makes sense, since they'd be obvious targets and the
lesser 'suits would be unable to keep up. Whether it's Doms, Gelgoogs,
Marasais, or Rick Diases, mobile suits usually fight in homogenous teams.
Char's Type 100 is an exception, since it's accompanied by two Rick
Diases, but the performance difference is much less than that between a
Rick Dias and a Nemo.

  But speaking of other aces, the alert observer will note that in
episode 11 of Z Gundam, we see a trio of Nemos launching from an AEUG
cruiser that are painted in red Rick Dias colors. I've always pondered
the exploits of the no-doubt-legendary Red Nemo Team...

-- Mark

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