Danny Kim (danny@lookfx.com)
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 22:35:54 -0800

> Federico Makabenta wrote:
> > faulty. In one case I saw this mech with this really big-ass gun for its
> > sidearm. Not only did the mech's arm continously fall because of the
> > weight - but the entire mech became unbalanced and would continually fall to
> > the side given around one minute trying to balance the thing.
> You can't fault Academy for that. Fallout arm can be fixed with white
> glue. Bigass Guns are always a bane for models, basically if the model
> tips over, that means the mech's design is unrealistic.

Also, It's not Academy's fault. Since early Academy models were 100% duplicate of
original Japanese or sometime American model kits. Specially, Gundam and Macross
were so identical to Japanese models. sometimes I could see Japanese letter on
some of their trees.


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