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On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Danny Kim wrote:
> Anyone got an extra 1/144 08th MS Team Ball kit? How about you Eddie?
> I could not find it anywhere. Is this a limited edition kit?

It's a Limited Model, which is not limited edition. However, I think it
is not selling well at all, so there proporbly won't be any reissue. In
that sense, it's effectively a limited edition.

14 parts, molded in bright orange, a few wet transfer decals of gibberish,
no polycaps. Surface details are OK. Twin cannons (no holes in the
barrels) can point up and down and turret can rotate, each (twin-grappers)
arm is molded in 1 piece (no "elbow" joint) and attached to the pod with a
ball joint. There's a winch with some minimal details, but the grappler
is missing. I haven't heard of anyone saying anything good about the LMs.
Even HLJ's descriptions seem to be discouraging the customers to buy them.

Considering for 800 Yens you can get a 08MST Zaku or Gouf, each with over
50 parts and molded in correct colours, 500 Yens is way overpriced. Also
remember you can get a 1/144 AND 1/250 0079 Balls for 300 Yens. But if
you absolutely must get the 08MST ball (like me), then you swallow hard
and pay the bucks.

If you have trouble finding it in N. America, try in Hong
Kong. They don't list the price on the website, which is usually a bad
sign. Send them a email and see what they ask for. Don't let them or
anyone else swindle you for more than US$7 plus shipping (if shipping from
HK) or US$12 plus shipping (if shipping from N. America). (I would sell
you mine for US$12 + shipping, but you should be able to find a cheaper
price and I am not used to selling kits over the net)

BTW, check out Church of the Machine (see my site for the URL), he did a
fantastic modification of a 08MST ball.

CHIN, Chien Ting (Core)

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