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On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Paul Fields wrote:
> Would Krishia kill Giren? or make

Sure, infighting within the bad guys is a common thing.

> Would Degin really die, after he sees the evil of his deeds, goes to
> the other side, and tries to make peace.

Sure, there's not enough good in him to keep him alive, if Vader can die,
sure can Degin.

> Would Cima get to push a colony at Earth after already gassing so many
> colonies during the war.

0083 just won't get made.

> Would anyone have gassed colonies durring the war, or would that been
> softened to "blown up with a nuke".

How is nuke any softer then gas?

> Just an idea, can anyone think of all the things that would change if
> Gundam were originally made in America.

Let's see... Lalah won't die and Amuro will get his girl. Slegar won't
die and will get his girl (maybe Sayla?). Amuro will be 6'3" and 215 lb,
and will never be caught with greasy hands fixing up Gundam, instead he
will spend his free time playing the guitar. Kai will sacrifice himself
to save everyone's lives and redeem his selfishness. Noah Bright won't
ever loose his cool and bark at his people. Char will be a one-sided
villian and won't ever see his semi-noble side presented.

The Feds might be a little helpless, but won't be corrupt or evil.
Democrazy will win the day. Z won't get made, 0080 won't get made, 0083
won't get made.

The soundtrack will feature Eye of tiger, Danger Zone and We will we will
rock you.

Another possibilty is that no one dies, not the Zabi family, not any Zaku,
GM, Ball pilots, not Matilda, and not even any civilians including Frau's
family. When any MS get blown up or vaporized in atmosphere, the pilot
escape by parachute. <shudder!>

Now on the other hand, a positive spin is that while US productions are
not known for subtlety and depth, they could generally do a story without
masking key plotlines under 5 layers of cryptic dialogues (sometimes badly
written) or expect the viewers to have purchased and read books or
magazines before seeing the show. 0083 is an example of bad storytelling,
and judging from Mirai's review, Garasaki may suffer from the same.

There should be a happy medium between the American tendency to clarity
and the Japanese tendency to cerebrality.

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