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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> faulty. In one case I saw this mech with this really big-ass gun for its
> sidearm. Not only did the mech's arm continously fall because of the
> weight - but the entire mech became unbalanced and would continually fall to
> the side given around one minute trying to balance the thing.

You can't fault Academy for that. Fallout arm can be fixed with white
glue. Bigass Guns are always a bane for models, basically if the model
tips over, that means the mech's design is unrealistic.

> The polycaps were OK though even back then. If Bandai subcontracted
> production to the Koreans - I wouldn't have much worries.

There's no need to go gar gar over Japan all the time. I am sure the
Koreans can make good polycaps on there own. Remember Japan rose to the
industrial giant status by way of doing cheap knockoffs and counterfeits
in the 40s and 50s. Korea and Taiwan are just coming out of the knockoff
stage on their own and China is still smack in the middle of it. But
there are now a lot of original models of airliners, armor, warships, jet
fighters, and infantry of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. These
models are designed and manufactured by private companies in China to fill
a demand inside China itself (can't imagine American and Japanese kids
forking to buy the bad guys). And appearantly these models are comparable
in quality to American brandnames (probably not as good as Tamiya and

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