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>That's what I never found believable about AEUG was that they were WAY too
>well-equipped for rebels. I know they were supposedly secretly funded by
>Anaheim electronics and others, but whole fleets and endless supplies of MS?
>I think it would have made more sense to portray them as a break-off faction
>of the Federation with proper backing from countries than a bunch of
>privateer guerillas.

The AEUG was considerably less well equipped than Zeon, which was also a
rebel faction, since the Principality was never recognized as a legitimate
government until after the One Year War began. The Antarctic Treaty was
the first time that the Federation dealt with Zeon as an autonomous
government, a status it reconfirmed with the Granada Treaty at the end of
the One Year War.

Who was better equipped, the AEUG in Z Gundam or the Rebel Alliance in Star

The problem with civil wars and revolutions is that the "rebel" faction has
to score a lot of points to achieve legitimacy. Americans were all rebels
and traitors to the crown until Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. The
Confederate States of America was recognized by several foreign
governments, but wasn't recognized by the Union until the Lee surrendered
to Grant at Appomattox, which recognition spared Jefferson Davis from trial
for treason.

As I recall, the AEUG *became* the Federation government after the EUG fell
apart, at which point it was the *Titans* (and their offsping the New
Decides) who became the rebels....


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