Paul Fields (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 15:28:44 EST

Um Ben.. I answered you, but some of the answers
to your questions might come out better if people
know what kinds of answers to give... There are
some things I think you missed...

for example here is wat I sent you... with some
additions... Where necessary.

Name: Paul Fields

Age: 27

Age first got into Gundam: 17

Age first built a Gundam: 21

# of Gundams built: 2
((# of Gundam Models owned: 30+ kits))
((I buy them for the INSTRUCTION MANUALS))

Would you be willing to bring your built Gundams to a screening? No
((I'm missing parts to some now, and they suck.))

Grade of Gundams built and will continue to build: Amateur
((I own two MG kits, will buy and maybe build the PG Gundam))
((The rest is all HG stuff like 08th MS team, and 0083, 0080))

Conventions attended past year: 4
((Drove over 3 hours to all but 1, spent in excess of 300$ at each))
((Total for this year, Con and local spending 2000$ on Gundam alone))

Magazines/comic books purchased past year: Dozens of books
Hundreds of dollars literally just for example;
Gundam Blue Destiny 40$ Magazines, and Trade Papaerback
Gundam 0079 30$ Comics
Gundam 0083 60$ Comics, lost first set...
Gundam Z Character File 30$ 100% Newtype Collection

Do you watch Sailor Moon: No
((But I'm thinking of watching: Cowboy Bebop, because the tech guy
  Hajime Yadate that worked on Gundam did Cowboy Bebop))

# of Gundam Videos owned: 30+ In Japanese 6 In English
                          Still Growing in English
((Very important here... I own almost all the Gundam series
  in Japanese, and I have the INTENT to buy them all on VHS
  and DVD as soon as they are available... Most of what I
  own is NOT in English yet...)) I won more by far in Japanese
  than is available right now...))
((I only buy dubs so my wife can enjoy them too... spend 2000$
  annually on anything and see if your wife minds the fact she
  can't even understand it...))

((# of Gundam Videos you intend to buy:))
((Original Series Movies: Got all of them))
((Gundam 0080: Got all of them))
((Gundam 0083: Got all of them))
((08th MS Team: will buy All of them))
((Original Series: will buy All of them))
((Zeta Gundam: will buy All of them))

((Do you own a DVD player:))

# of Gundam books owned: Over 100
Magazines, Comics, Grpahic Novels, Side Stories, Compilations
100% Newtype Collections, Rapport Deluxe...

Do you play video games? Yes on my PC which plays playstation too.
# owned: 12

Hours a week spent on-line: 20+

City, State, Country of residence: Woodbridge, Virginia

Do you build other models? No
What kind:

Findally, would you please describe how you were introduced to Gundam and
lead to building your first model? Um just thought the Yuji Kiada art
on the 0080 GM Space box was cool. The stuff he does with computers now is
ok... but his paintings were better...

((My first Gundam NON model experience was 0083.))


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