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Thu, 18 Nov 1999 15:25:06 -0500

OK, Although I know how most of you feel about Syd Mead by now but at the risk
of being an ass:

This is almost half if not more through of Turn A, and as our first
impressions fade away, what do we truly think about Syd Mead designs?

Is Turn A doing well in japan now or will it be cut short (ie X)?

Does the failure of Turn A mean death for the Gundam Series?

And finally in the anime model newsgroup people were trying to predict the
2000-2001 MG line? what do you guys think this will be or hope it will be?

This is what I'm hoping for:

MG Gundam Zeta +A1
GP03S w/ orchis (I can forget about this one!)
Bound doc

- Roger


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