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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Now, the specifics...
> Eiji Hayashi writes,
> >not all models are mass produced. The aforementioned MSK-006 (a.k.a
> >MSZ-006A1) was a very limited quantity unit, only 20 as far as I know.
> That's limited quantity, true, but it seems to be many more units than
> the Rick Dias or GunEZ production run. The Z Plus, like the Re-GZ, was
> designed as a simplified form of the Z Gundam that could be
> mass-produced, and 20 units is pretty good for what's still a very
> advanced and complex mobile suit. It's certainly too many units for an
> experimental prototype.

> Tet writes,
> >That's 4 Rick Dias in total and I am sure there weren't any others in Z
> Gundam. : )
> Sorry, but that just ain't so. Apolli and Roberto start flying red Rick
> Diases shortly after Char's gets blown up, and since a black Rick Dias
> later shows up in the Jaburo attack in episode 12, we can be pretty sure
> that Char's wingmen got new units rather than just repainting their red
> ones. Emma's red Rick Dias, meanwhile, was destroyed by Jerid and Maua in
> episode 21.

I don't know about Roberto and Appoli simply trading the black ones in for red
ones. You forget that they were pretty attached to their Rick Dias. Appoli
objected strongly to leaving his Rick Dias behind on Earth rather than the Mk
II or the Hyakushiki !! Now someone with that sort of devotion to a MS isn't
going to replace a perfectly good black one for a red one. : )

> That's two black and four red accounted for as of episode 21, which
> means that the several other red units that show up later - including
> Apolli's new one, and the two others that get destroyed later in the show
> (the pilots' names were, I think, Botti and Bochi) - would add to this
> total.

> So we have at least nine Rick Diases in circulation among the
> Ahgama and Radish crew alone, never mind the rest of the AEUG.

You are assuming that two black ones were replaced with red ones rather than
repainted. And I still think Appoli's red one later in the series is the one
Emma sheen piloted. But that is still 6 not 4. Sorry I forgot about the other
two wingmen. : )

Regarding the speculation of Rick Dias in the rest of AEUG Didn't you just say in
the Z Plus reply that 20 units was many more than the Rick Dias production ?: )

I was planning to watch Z Gundam again anyway so I will keep an accurate count of
the Rick Dias to make sure.


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