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Curry wrote:

> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Curry wrote:
> > Roberto and his black Rick Dias(#2) was destroyed protecting
> > the shuttle on Earth. Emily got a replacement red Rick Dias(#4) which was badly damaged
> > in her first sortie. Appoli and his black Rick Dias(#3) went to Earth but the MS was
> > left behind for Kalaba to use. After Camille got the Z Gundam, Emily switched to the Mk
> > II and Appoli got the red Rick Dias(#4) and was subsequently killed in it.
> >
> So how can you say that Emily got the Mark II when Emma Sheen took over piloting the same
> gundam after The Zeta showed up.

Sorry, my mistake. I meant Emma Sheen. : )

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