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> That's two black and four red accounted for as of episode 21, which
> means that the several other red units that show up later - including
> Apolli's new one, and the two others that get destroyed later
> in the show
> (the pilots' names were, I think, Botti and Bochi) - would add to this
> total. So we have at least nine Rick Diases in circulation among the
> Ahgama and Radish crew alone, never mind the rest of the AEUG.

Have anyone ever tally up the full strength of AEUG? How many capital
ships, cruisers, support ship, in-atmosphere transport carriers, mobile
suits, pilots, etc. I know that they were able to field as large of a army
as Titan, but still have to be of considerable size to take on both Titan
and Axis.

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