Winn Sevilla (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 23:31:24 +0800

I've been thinking... well... if you've watched the Martian Successor Nadesico
series you'll understand what I'm blabbin about...

In the Nadesico TV series, the enemies of the earth are somewhat called Jovian
Lizards... and they were called like that because their attacks operate on
automated machinery... to which they conquer the Mars colony with...

But in the second half of the series, it turns out that they were controlled by
fellow humans themselves, a faction that was banished from the earth to jupiter
probably hundreds of years ago... because they were against the earth government
so that's why they wanted to take over earth in revenge...

But note:
Their civilization was based on the Gekiganger anime, a Mazinger-Z style anime,
and to which they believe in it like it's the warrior of justice... more like a
moral booster and it turns out that they have Gekiganger type Mechas fighting
against Akito & the whole Nadesico gang... (To which they can kick it's ass with
a moon frame...). And if those Jovian humans ever see, a Gekiganger doll, a Card
or a VCD from earth, they freak out like it was the holy grail...

And so this is the reality... with Gundams as the TOP anime hit in the list...
just thinking that if there was a faction that was sent to outer space, lost
through time and space and because of that their whole civilization was based on
GUNDAM! and you'd see real life mobile suits... all of those in the MS
Encyclopedia come to life... really cool...

it really is!

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