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And I'd say that...

1. Syd Mead would design them all... from Gundam 0079 to X to 8th Ms Team...

2. There would be Gundam Rangers, Gundam Zeo, Gundam Man... seeesh.
3. Well, there would at least decent and very good gundam toys... but with
Syd's design on them... what's it worth?
4. Maybe Nadesico or Macross would be the title of this mailing list today if
all that ever happened...

Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> If Gundam was made in the U.S., it would probably have
> an opening themesong like this...
> Ta da GUNDAM! *instrumentals* Mobile Suit Gundam! *more
> instrumentals* Mobile Suit Gundam! Oh yeah! *still more
> instrumentals* Crush the evil Char with the powerful Beam
> Saber! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! *instrumentals again* Gundarium
> Giant! Mobile Suit Gundam! Mobile Suit Gundam! *music fade*
> -Veilchen
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