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They were made of rubber? Thought it was resin.... so thats why the arms and
weapons always bend up...

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> If you want miniatures, the Philippines has had a recent release that may
> interest you people from the US who are into wargaming.
> Due to the apparent lack of cheap robot Gundam Wing products by Bandai (an
> important marketing strategy in a third world country) - the company
> released 2 inch tall Gundams to satisfy kids who want to play with robots
> but don't have a budget. These are fix-posed RUBBER Gundams that are already
> pre-painted. Not exactly a plus in the good looks dept., but it is an
> alternative in wargaming - and an official Bandai product (at least in the
> Philippines). They cost around $2.25.
> So far, I've seen only the five Gundam Wing mechs available. The only other
> robot available for the series is Chodenji Machine Voltes V - the most
> popular anime robot or series ever in the Philippines...
> Hope this helps...
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