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> Curry wrote:
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> > > Rick Dias mass produced ? In Z Gundam series I am sure there were only 4.
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> > Actually there was more that 4 Rick Diaz in Zeta. because I know that Char's was
> > demolished when Camile blew it to hell in the early part of the series. Then the
> > others were replaced at several times through out the series until the other pilots
> > were killed and Char got the Hyaku shiki!!!
> Char got the Hyakushiki after his red Rick Dias(#1) was stolen by Camille's father and
> was destroyed by Camille.

Which I might add was in Epp 6. Char did not get the shiki until they painted the mark II

> Roberto and his black Rick Dias(#2) was destroyed protecting
> the shuttle on Earth. Emily got a replacement red Rick Dias(#4) which was badly damaged
> in her first sortie. Appoli and his black Rick Dias(#3) went to Earth but the MS was
> left behind for Kalaba to use. After Camille got the Z Gundam, Emily switched to the Mk
> II and Appoli got the red Rick Dias(#4) and was subsequently killed in it.

So how can you say that Emily got the Mark II when Emma Sheen took over piloting the same
gundam after The Zeta showed up.

> That's 4 Rick Dias in total and I am sure there weren't any others in Z Gundam. : )
> Tet
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