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Eiji Hayashi wrote:

> 3) Unlike GMs, or other mass produced wannabes, the Zeta Plus was piloted by
> actual name pilots, like Amuro Rei and Chun Yung, instead of just being a
> background MS getting slaughtered.
> I don't think the Zeta Plus was the mass produced line, and from the
> profiles I've read in the MG source books (its their baby after all) I don't
> get this sense either. Rather, the picture they painted, and what I believe,
> is that the Zeta Plus line is the experimental line of the Zeta Gundam.
> That's why there are so many different variations. You don't make so many
> different variations if your aim is to mass produce from a prototype. The
> end of their line might have been a mass produced product, ie: the RGZ
> (which is why I have a harder time accepting RGZs as Gundams), but I don't
> believe that's their goal when they developed the Zeta Pluses...

It's true that the ReGz was to be a mass produced version of Z Gundam but it
ended up as an one off prototype because of still prohibitive cost and initially
piloted by Amuro Rei.

That's one actual name pilot + very limited production +non cannon fodder+
'Gundam' in the name albeit an abbreviation.

Do you still have a hard time accepting ReGz as a Gundam ? : )

> > And it was supposedly going to be called the Gamma Gundam, until Char
> >complained. If it hadn't been for his meddling, this would have qualified
> >as the weirdest-looking Gundam ever...
> weird.. and definitely mass produced. If it weren't for the fact they had
> Gundarium Gamma armor (hence the Gamma Gundam), they wouldn've been just
> another mass produced cannon fodder...

Rick Dias mass produced ? In Z Gundam series I am sure there were only 4.


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