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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> Not at all. There was a whole squadron of A types, ostensibly commanded
>by Amuro Ray himself. Then there were a bunch of C types. And so forth.
>The Z Plus is explicitly described as the mass-produced version of the Z
>Gundam. As such, it's not really any more of a Gundam than is the GM.

not all models are mass produced. The aforementioned MSK-006 (a.k.a
MSZ-006A1) was a very limited quantity unit, only 20 as far as I know. There
were 6 units of A2. The B is a training unit so doesn't count. The greatest
number produced is the C1, which is the model seen in Sentinels, there is no
record of how manu units were built but we're certainly not talking GM or
Rick Dias level mass production here. A limited number of the C1 were
converted to C4s. But the A3 and the D are both prototype units.

If you argue mass production is not a factor, then since you consider the V
Gundams, and the mass produced Gundams in the 8th to be Gundams,
the Zeta Plus can definitely be considered a Gundam. But my reason for
considering it a Gundam is not just that a few models are prototypes, but a
number of other reasons.

1) The Zeta Plus, even the models which were mass produced, were produced in
very small numbers. Even the Gundam Mk 2 had 3 units, and no one ever argues
whether or not the Mk 2 is a Gundam or not.

2) Contrast to mass produced versions of the original prototype, which are
generally inferior to the prototype, the Zeta Plus provides equal or better
performance than the original. The series sees a significant improvement in
firepower, and performance (in the case of the high maneuver A3 and D
variations), and marginal improvements in other areas over the Zeta Gundam.
All this improvements over only a couple of years. This is a striking
contrast to the mass produced Zeta Gundam MSZ-007 listed in the Bibles which
is, in almost all areas, worse than the original Zeta Gundam.

3) Unlike GMs, or other mass produced wannabes, the Zeta Plus was piloted by
actual name pilots, like Amuro Rei and Chun Yung, instead of just being a
background MS getting slaughtered.

I don't think the Zeta Plus was the mass produced line, and from the
profiles I've read in the MG source books (its their baby after all) I don't
get this sense either. Rather, the picture they painted, and what I believe,
is that the Zeta Plus line is the experimental line of the Zeta Gundam.
That's why there are so many different variations. You don't make so many
different variations if your aim is to mass produce from a prototype. The
end of their line might have been a mass produced product, ie: the RGZ
(which is why I have a harder time accepting RGZs as Gundams), but I don't
believe that's their goal when they developed the Zeta Pluses. After all,
why would you put a Double Fan Engine, Variable Geometry Wings, Flying
Armor, beam smartgun, and increase the power output of a prototype by 50%,
scratch the grenade launcher for two powerful beam cannons, put in a Hi Mega
Cannon (yes the same high mega cannon as the ZZ), increase atmospheric
maneuverability? This does not sound like they're making a mass produced

> And it was supposedly going to be called the Gamma Gundam, until Char
>complained. If it hadn't been for his meddling, this would have qualified
>as the weirdest-looking Gundam ever...

weird.. and definitely mass produced. If it weren't for the fact they had
Gundarium Gamma armor (hence the Gamma Gundam), they wouldn've been just
another mass produced cannon fodder.

> But the GM's name is, likewise, a contraction for "GundaM". Merely
>having an oblique reference to the word "Gundam" in your name doesn't
>qualify, but I suppose we could establish a secondary category for

funny.. I always thought GM stands for General Model. No "Gundam" there.

> You're right. I guess I slipped it in because it's a unique mobile suit
>that was an honorary member of ZZ's Gundam Team, and it's supposedly the
>Delta Gundam in Anaheim's genealogy, but that doesn't make it any more of
>a Gundam than the Rick Dias. :-)

besides.. the Type 100 was Char's baby. Char and Gundam don't mix.


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