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Wed, 17 Nov 1999 11:20:28 -0500

Hello all, this is my first post in this ML. I've been a Gundam fan for, oh, 17 years or so?

I've been playing the Dreamcast Gundam Side Story (Rise from the Ashes) premium disk since last week. This is a premium gift disk that is an add-on scenario for the game. You are given access to a mock simulation, written by Amuro Ray himself (who introduces you to the simulation and rates your performance...they even got the voice actor to do Amuro, although his voice is starting to sound just a bit..OFF, considering the actor must be in his mid-forties by now, playing a 15 year old).

Anyway, the scenario pits you and your 2 Fang wingmen in GM snipers against Gundam, Guntank and Guncannon on a 3 on 3 battle. You begin the scenario by searching out the Gundam team and then trying to defeat them in battle. Now I understand how formidable the White Base MS are, with their long (Guntank), medium (Guncannon) and short-range (Gundam) attacks. They cover each other very well and it's hard to take on any one of them without the other 2 nailing you in the back. My two Fang wingmen and somehow a lot more brain-dead (although they are all "computer-controlled" like the White base suits) and won't last 30 seconds against Gundam. I try to sic them on either Guntank and Guncannon and they would be nailed in the back.

It's tough enough to try and get into a one-on-one with Amuro.. In the game the GM sniper is definitely on par with the RX-78, they even give you the RX-78 Rifle as an option (along with the GM spray gun). However, Amuro can sense a long range attack and you'll never hit him from far away. On a near range saber parry the Gundam will do the signature 2 handed attack from above to slice you up GOOD (just like he did to the Gouf...)

Right now the best I can do is defeat the Guntank...

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