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Winn Sevilla asks,

>So who piloted the Quin Mantha? And Haman was still stuck with a Quebley? The
>one in ZZ or the production type?

  The Quin Mantha was operated by Puru Two, with Gremmi barking orders
from the back seat. Haman never really used anything but her original
Qubeley (from Z Gundam).

>And I've seen on your site that there was this Puru & Puru 2... what MS did
>Puru plot then?

  Puru piloted the Qubeley Mark II, and subsequently joined the good
guys, operating secondary mecha like the Mega Rider and the Gundam Mark
II. Puru Two was introduced as the guest pilot of the salvaged Psyco
Gundam Mark II, subsequently used a red Qubeley, and ended up operating
the Quin Mantha, at the behest of...

>And this guy who led the other faction of Axis that led to the breakup...
>what's his name? his motives? Wasn't he the one who made the Purus ? What MS
>did he pilot then?

  Gremmi Toto, one of the most nonsensical characters in Gundam history.
He started off as a callow plebe, one a bazillion Gaza C pilots. Then it
turned out he was of noble birth, and he became a powerful officer and
the pilot of the oddball prototype Bau. Then the writers decided not to
bring Char back in ZZ and turned Gremmi into Haman's rival, at which
point he revealed that he was a test-tube baby genetically engineered
from Zabi family DNA and that he had a cargo hold full of frozen Puru
clones. Uh... whatever.

Eiji Hayashi writes,

>there was another Mk III, I belive the RX-272. There was three units of it
>made. Its fate was not explained.

  This, like the RX-166, was a Model Graphix original that appeared in
the first couple of Gundam Wars modeling books...

>Its implied Mark, ie: Zeta Gundam Plus.. and most of them are prototypes,
>not mass produced. I think the only one that was mass produced was the B.
>The A1 was definitely a prototype.

  Not at all. There was a whole squadron of A types, ostensibly commanded
by Amuro Ray himself. Then there were a bunch of C types. And so forth.
The Z Plus is explicitly described as the mass-produced version of the Z
Gundam. As such, it's not really any more of a Gundam than is the GM.

>If that's the case, the Rick Dias should be classified a Gundam as well
>since it is the first developed unit in Project Zeta, a.k.a Gamma Gundam.

  And it was supposedly going to be called the Gamma Gundam, until Char
complained. If it hadn't been for his meddling, this would have qualified
as the weirdest-looking Gundam ever...

>If you have to have the word "Gundam" in the name for it to be a Gundam then
>the Re-GZ should be by that definition, a Gundam.. or did you forget the G
>in Re-GZ stands for Gundam.

  But the GM's name is, likewise, a contraction for "GundaM". Merely
having an oblique reference to the word "Gundam" in your name doesn't
qualify, but I suppose we could establish a secondary category for mobile
suits that are clearly supposed to be Gundam derivatives. However, this
category would have to include the GM, GunEZ, et al, making it so broad
as to be worthless.

>If that's the case why did you include the Hyaku
>Shiki in your list? there's the obvious lack of the word "Gundam" in that

  You're right. I guess I slipped it in because it's a unique mobile suit
that was an honorary member of ZZ's Gundam Team, and it's supposedly the
Delta Gundam in Anaheim's genealogy, but that doesn't make it any more of
a Gundam than the Rick Dias. :-)

-- Mark

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