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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> True, but that's when the Mark III was billed as the RX-166, a Titans
>mobile suit. Kazumi Fujita subsequently revamped it into the MSF-007, an

there was another Mk III, I belive the RX-272. There was three units of it
made. Its fate was not explained.

> It's not a Gundam unless it says "Gundam" in the name. The Z Plus is a
>mass-produced mobile suit based on the Z Gundam, and it's often described
>as the ancestor of the Re-GZ (in fact, one issue of Model Graphix listed
>an intermediary model - the RGZ-006, also known as the MSZ-006R). The Z
>Plus and Re-GZ are both derived from the Z Project and based on the Z
>Gundam, but the word "Gundam" is conspicuously missing from their names.

Its implied Mark, ie: Zeta Gundam Plus.. and most of them are prototypes,
not mass produced. I think the only one that was mass produced was the B.
The A1 was definitely a prototype.

> That's not necessarily relevant. If they're called Gundams, they're
>Gundams. As with the RX-79[G] (which I forgot to mention in my list), a
>mass-produced Gundam is still a Gundam if it's named accordingly. The
>RX-79[G], F91, V, and V2 Gundams are all described as Gundams; the
If that's the case, the Rick Dias should be classified a Gundam as well
since it is the first developed unit in Project Zeta, a.k.a Gamma Gundam.

>Plus, and Re-GZ aren't.

If you have to have the word "Gundam" in the name for it to be a Gundam then
the Re-GZ should be by that definition, a Gundam.. or did you forget the G
in Re-GZ stands for Gundam. If that's the case why did you include the Hyaku
Shiki in your list? there's the obvious lack of the word "Gundam" in that
name. In my book, the Zeta Plus is a Gundam, the GM definitely ain't, and
the Re-GZ is arguable, but I don't think so.

> >You forgot Gaia Gear, Double Fake, the Blue Destiny, and all the Kazuhizo
> >Kondo series Mark :P
> I don't think there's anything in Gaia Gear which bears the name
>"Gundam." But I did skip the kitbashed, handbuilt D Gundam series from
>Double Fake, the Gundam Pixie from Cross Dimension, the GT-Four from MS
>Generation, and lots of other spinoffs... :-)

I really like the Kondo mangas. Maybe because he's a huge Jion fan like me.

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