Federico Makabenta (yenm@iconn.com.ph)
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 08:24:00 +0800

If you want miniatures, the Philippines has had a recent release that may
interest you people from the US who are into wargaming.

Due to the apparent lack of cheap robot Gundam Wing products by Bandai (an
important marketing strategy in a third world country) - the company
released 2 inch tall Gundams to satisfy kids who want to play with robots
but don't have a budget. These are fix-posed RUBBER Gundams that are already
pre-painted. Not exactly a plus in the good looks dept., but it is an
alternative in wargaming - and an official Bandai product (at least in the
Philippines). They cost around $2.25.

So far, I've seen only the five Gundam Wing mechs available. The only other
robot available for the series is Chodenji Machine Voltes V - the most
popular anime robot or series ever in the Philippines...

Hope this helps...

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