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> Even Starblazers had a wargame in Japan, and now in the US (Yamato for true
> fans!) But Gundam seems to be immune to theidea, and that doesn't seem
> or am I just a dreamer who is the only one who would buy it?? I would think
> non-gamers would still like the figures, I know guys who have HUGE fleets
> Yamato minis but have never played a wargame, like I said a goldmine.
> Any ideas??

Miniature war-gaming is very restrictive in Japan, due to space limitations.
There was a table top war-game with minis for 0079 a while ago, but I've
never seen a copy of it, only pictures. I for one would love to play Gundam
in a scale smaller that 1/144, which I already do.


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