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> if i understand this correctly... the bandai gundam model kits that are
> available in hong kong and phillipines or even the import stores in
> u.s.a. are what can be purchased in japan, no?

At least the packaging and general quality's the same... :)

> in other words, those kits available in countries other than japan are
> those kits that are manufactured in japan, no?
> ...imports, no?

Dunno. I'm not too sure if Bandai has factories with cheap labor in China
doing these things... But it is highly probable...

> if then, what's the case with the model kits that are availabe in south
> korea?
> i know that ACADEMY is the biggest model kit company in south korea, and
> that the company also produces some gundam model kits...
> but, are bandai gundam model kits [straight from japan] available in
> south korea?

Whoa... I dunno about this... where are you from anyway?

I dunno if ACADEMY produces Gundam models in Korea... Can you show me a
sample pic? I have doubts that these are official... knowing Korean enmity
towards things Japanese (at least for the people a generation behind) I have
doubts about these facts...

I do know that they've been producing mecha kits for a while. I bought an
Academy kit out of curiosity in Hong Kong back in the early 90's (the VF-2SS
from Macross II was relatively new and is not at the prohibitive cost it is

I found that their art designs were pretty good - at least from the box
pictures that I saw. However, the execution from concept to kit was kinda
faulty. In one case I saw this mech with this really big-ass gun for its
sidearm. Not only did the mech's arm continously fall because of the
weight - but the entire mech became unbalanced and would continually fall to
the side given around one minute trying to balance the thing.

(REMEMBER - this was in '91)

The polycaps were OK though even back then. If Bandai subcontracted
production to the Koreans - I wouldn't have much worries.

> what are really want to know is...
> if bandai gundam model kits are available in south korea, then is the
> price cheaper than is it cheaper than how it is in u.s.a.???

Academy kits were cheaper than Bandai kits in Hong Kong when I visited
then - about the difference of $1 or $2. Not much really when you think
about it...

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