Richard Holman (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 15:58:13 -0700

    I have an odd question. I know that Gundam has ahd a computer game list as long as the phone book, and there has been an RPG, nad a card game, but my question is WHY are there no miniature wargames for Gundam.

I have seen ads for but have never been able to score copies of the Dougram wargames which if I understand it actually include terrain as well as minis of the mecha. I would love to find these, but I digress. There has been rumors about a Dragonar Game as well. So why has Gundam failed to get a miniatures wargame?? It seems perfect, you could sell tons of MS minis to both gamers and to modelers, and they would be small enogh that even big mechs like the "O" can be somewhat economical.

Even Starblazers had a wargame in Japan, and now in the US (Yamato for true fans!) But Gundam seems to be immune to theidea, and that doesn't seem right, or am I just a dreamer who is the only one who would buy it?? I would think non-gamers would still like the figures, I know guys who have HUGE fleets of Yamato minis but have never played a wargame, like I said a goldmine.

Any ideas??

Just curious,

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