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> Scott DiBerardino asks,
>>I'm looking for information on recent Gundam gaming books, particularly
>>those published by Hobby Japan. Specifically, I'm wondering if they ever
>>published anything for the Gundam RPG after the Advanced Edition and One
>>Year War books.
> Not so far. The G-GOODS newsletter keeps predicting the release of a Z
> Gundam edition, but the date keeps getting pushed back.

Too bad. The RPG books were at least excellent reading (even if not
necessarily canon). I wonder how much of the Zeta stuff is the same as what
was appearing in RPG magazine?

>>I'm also interested in any books concerning the Gundam War
>>trading card game.
> Kinokuniya Bookweb lists two books on Gundam War...
> From T2 Publishing, there's a Gundam War Official Technical Book. ISBN
> 4887490291, Y1200.
> Hobby Japan, meanwhile, offers the Gundam War Official Guidebook. ISBN
> 4894251981, Y1143.

<slaps forehead> of course, check the book stores!!

I already have that second book, it covers the initial release and has a
picture of every card from it, all the rules and some Q&A. The book's billed
as the first in a series, and since there are already two expansions for the

For those who are curious, it's a bit of a Magic knock-off, but it does seem
to manage to capture some of the flavor of Gundam. They could have done
worse (Yugioh) but they could have done better (Evangelion).

Thanx Mark!


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