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> Oh, they let anyone fly the Gundams in that show. Generally, the Z
> Gundam was used by either Roux Ruka, Elle Vianno, Judo Ashita, or whoever
> wanted to take it for a joyride. In the next to last episode, the whole
> Gundam team take on the Quin Mantha inside an asteroid (I forget whether
> it was Axis or Mowsa), and the Z and Mark II are wrecked, abandoned, and
> blown up with the asteroid.

So who piloted the Quin Mantha? And Haman was still stuck with a Quebley? The
one in ZZ or the production type?

And I've seen on your site that there was this Puru & Puru 2... what MS did
Puru plot then?

And this guy who led the other faction of Axis that led to the breakup...
what's his name? his motives? Wasn't he the one who made the Purus ? What MS
did he pilot then?

SOrry... should've bought those ZZ vcds that I saw on sale 2 years ago...

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