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Tue, 16 Nov 1999 01:44:36 -0800

>Hey Folks,
>I just recently saw a bunch of the SD Gundam models of the G Generation
>Zero game, they are really cool. I got myself the Sazabi and the GM

You might want to grab a whole set before they're all gone. I've heard
that these kits are limited edition kits being issued to promote the video
game, and probably won't be reissued.

>The amazing thing that surprised me was that the GM Custom comes with
>extra parts in order to build a, SD Gundam Alex! :) It even has the
>Chobham armor. Now this posed a dilema. I originally bought it to build
>a SD GM Custom, and now that I know I can make an Alex I wasn't sure
>what to build.

Build the GM Custom. All SD G Generation Zero kits are based on existing
SD Gundam kits, with extra parts thrown in. In the case of SD GM Custom, it
was based off the original SD Alex kit, which had the Chobham armor too. If
you want to build a SD Alex, you could just buy the original kit and save 100
yen. Of course, the above only applies if the SD Alex kit was recently
reissued and available in your area. I haven't seen any, but there's this
guy in Florida who keeps throwing the old school SD Gundam kits on eBay.
Almost every other night he's got 2 on there.

>Here's what I think I'll do, build it up as a GM Custom,
>Then scratch build a couple of SD cannons for the shoulders of the
>Chobham armor and bingo, anytime I want can turn it into a GM Cannon
>Custom like the one Keith in 0083 pilots. Now I gotta figure what to do
>with the Alex head it came with.

Modify the SD Zaku II into a FZ variant and put the head in its hands. ;)

>Other kits in the SD line I saw were a Bound Doc, S-Gundam, Geara Doga,
>Jagd Doga, Kampfer, a Gelgoog, heck lots of stuff is in the line.
>Armand :)

Wave 2 just came out, which consists of SD designs from F-90, F-91, G, etc.
And don't forget the SD parodies of MG GP-01Fb, Zeta, and the soon to be
released GP-02A...


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