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Winn Sevilla asks,

>How did the Zeta get blown up? And who piloted it with Judo on the ZZ, and
>Kamiru in veggie mode?

  Oh, they let anyone fly the Gundams in that show. Generally, the Z
Gundam was used by either Roux Ruka, Elle Vianno, Judo Ashita, or whoever
wanted to take it for a joyride. In the next to last episode, the whole
Gundam team take on the Quin Mantha inside an asteroid (I forget whether
it was Axis or Mowsa), and the Z and Mark II are wrecked, abandoned, and
blown up with the asteroid.

>And how did the ZZ lost it's limbs?

  Fighting Haman.

>And, what MS did Haman pilot?

  The Qubeley, of which there is at last an awesome plastic kit.

Sunwook Kim writes,

>Maybe they EVEN weren't actually manufactured and remained in the original
>blueprints, as well as all the 'lost' Gundams from MS Encyclopedia and
>so forth. :-)

  Quite possibly!

>>* The Re-GZ survives the end of Char's Counterattack, minus a few limbs.
>Didn't Hathaway blow it up in the end?

  Oh, how embarrassing. I hang my head in shame. :-(

>In the ending pages of manga, Seabook(yeah, Kinkedu recovered his real
>name finally) presented it to Tobia, and you can see the vague picture
>of a Gundam-like flying object soaring toward the space. It is possible
>that Tobia flew it outside the earth again, to return to his own hometown
>space colony. It is nothing more than a personal speculation though. :-)

  No, that actually makes sense - Tobia was babbling about going back to
space, wasn't he?

-- Mark

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