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Eiji Hayashi writes,

>perhaps.. but if you remember Mark, Char isn't the only one who pilots a
>MS-06S. The same model number has also been attributed to Dozru Zabi and I
>think Johnny Raiden.

  The S type characterization was originally applied only to Char's
customized red mobile suits. Gundam Century was probably the first
publication to claim that Char's S type was just one of many such,
created for ace pilots and company commanders.

>I don't understand the sudden overwhelming urge to distinguish the two. Zaku
>IIs has been Zaku IIs for twenty years.. now all of a sudden, a new OAV
>series comes out and wants to make distinctions.

  It's not all of a sudden. Sure, when the series aired, the writers and
animators meant there to be just one type of Zaku II. But the
classification of the Zakus seen in the show into F and J types (and the
earlier C type) goes back to the early '80s, when Gundam Century and the
MSV series were released. The F and J distinction has been echoed by
every third-party publisher, as well as officially embraced by Bandai and
Sunrise, for more than 15 years. That's hardly what I'd call "sudden"!

-- Mark

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