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Eiji Hayashi writes,

>I think the original project Zeta book reported the two Mk III models were
>destroyed in the fire when Kalaba assulted Kilimanjiro..

  True, but that's when the Mark III was billed as the RX-166, a Titans
mobile suit. Kazumi Fujita subsequently revamped it into the MSF-007, an
Anaheim design based on the Gundam Mark II - this was the incarnation
that ran as part of the Z-MSV series in the first few issues of B-CLUB,
and has been reprised in the MS Encyclopedia, G Generation, and whatnot.
So it's been retconned as an Anaheim mobile suit, not a Titans one, and
as such its fate is unclear.

>and the Alex wasn't destroyed.. it just lost a head.

  Well, its head and part of its chest. It could have been reconstructed,
but as of the end of 0080 it's a wreck.

>>* The Z Plus isn't technically a Gundam, but lots of these are left
>>around the place.
>sure it is.. as long as it carries the MSA-006 serial number. The A, A1, A2,
>B, D were all Gundam. When it gets to the RGZ series, then you can argue
>they're not really Gundams.

  It's not a Gundam unless it says "Gundam" in the name. The Z Plus is a
mass-produced mobile suit based on the Z Gundam, and it's often described
as the ancestor of the Re-GZ (in fact, one issue of Model Graphix listed
an intermediary model - the RGZ-006, also known as the MSZ-006R). The Z
Plus and Re-GZ are both derived from the Z Project and based on the Z
Gundam, but the word "Gundam" is conspicuously missing from their names.

>The F91 ceased to be a prototype by that time. Though its VSBRs were still a
>force to be reckoned with even in the Crossbone series.

>they're technically not Gundams since they aren't prototypes.

  That's not necessarily relevant. If they're called Gundams, they're
Gundams. As with the RX-79[G] (which I forgot to mention in my list), a
mass-produced Gundam is still a Gundam if it's named accordingly. The
RX-79[G], F91, V, and V2 Gundams are all described as Gundams; the GM, Z
Plus, and Re-GZ aren't.

>You forgot Gaia Gear, Double Fake, the Blue Destiny, and all the Kazuhizo
>Kondo series Mark :P

  I don't think there's anything in Gaia Gear which bears the name
"Gundam." But I did skip the kitbashed, handbuilt D Gundam series from
Double Fake, the Gundam Pixie from Cross Dimension, the GT-Four from MS
Generation, and lots of other spinoffs... :-)

-- Mark

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