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>So, the Opening and Ending Songs from Turn A are on the Turn A OST 2 CD,
>correct? I caught just the tail end of this subject that's I am asking.

That is correct. In what Eddie styled a "gutsy move" in his review of the
first OST, they decided not to include the OP/ED songs! These were
released separately on CD singles:

Turn-A Gundam Opening Theme (King KIDA-179) featured Turn A Turn and Gekka
Bijin (Beauty Beneath The Moon) in both vocal versions by Hideki Saijo and
instrumental "Off Vocal" versions. (About 18 minutes total)

Turn-A Gundam Ending Theme (Pony Canyon PCDA-01164) featured Aura in both
vocal by Shinji Tanimura and "Original Karaoke" instrumental
version. (About 10 minutes total)

The original Turn-A Gundam OST is more of a Yoko Kanno album, although it
does feature two "image" songs by the OP/ED vocalists, Ojii-san by Hideki
Saijo and Boys About 16 by Shinji Tanimura. There's also a vocal by
Kanno's regular session artist, Gabriela Robin, called Moon and a title I
haven't translated yet credited to the "White Doll Chorus"....


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