godfatherK (godfatherK@we.mediaone.net)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 17:24:02 -0800

if i understand this correctly... the bandai gundam model kits that are
available in hong kong and phillipines or even the import stores in
u.s.a. are what can be purchased in japan, no?
in other words, those kits available in countries other than japan are
those kits that are manufactured in japan, no?
...imports, no?

if then, what's the case with the model kits that are availabe in south
i know that ACADEMY is the biggest model kit company in south korea, and
that the company also produces some gundam model kits...
but, are bandai gundam model kits [straight from japan] available in
south korea?

what are really want to know is...
if bandai gundam model kits are available in south korea, then is the
price cheaper than is it cheaper than how it is in u.s.a.???

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