Paul Fields (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 14:42:34 EST

Just an idea, can anyone think of
all the things that would change
if Gundam were originally made in

Would Krishia kill Giren? or make
him pay would he for his warcrimes.

Would Degin really die, after he
sees the evil of his deeds, goes to
the other side, and tries to make

Would Cima get to push a colony at
Earth after already gassing so many
colonies during the war.

Would anyone have gassed colonies
durring the war, or would that been
softened to "blown up with a nuke".

There's one for everybody, "The Rock"
with colonies... Some leftover Zeon
soldiers take over a colony, and make
threats to gas the colony if proper
ransom is not paid.

Of course after the war everyone has
some kind of injector handy in case
nerve gas leaks into the colony.

"Colonies don't drop themselves"

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