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>Very basic question. What is the difference b/n master kits and perfect

Well the Perfect kits are 1/60 scale, so they are about
1 Foot high, as opposed to Master Grades which are only
about 18cm high. PG kits cost about 120$ and up depending
on your importer, and MG about 30-40$

Perfect Grade kits have an insane amount of detail, like
how everything works, and have light up features. PG kits
also have accessory kits you can buy to give them clear
cover panels and show the inner workings, you can buy two
accessory kits right now for the PG Gundam, or two for the
PG Zaku kit.

Master grade kits have lots of detail, but are not quite
so obsessive as PG, and there are no accessories for the
master grade kits.

So what you get for a 40$ MG kit is a pretty cool kit
but any customizing you do is determined by your own
skill level.

For 120$ you get the ability to create a great kit, and
the ability to further customize it with 30$ add on kits.
Plus any customizing you can add by yourself.

>I undertsand there were motorized gundams. Are those still available?

Sorry don't know about those... the Mechanical model
is, form HLJ, it was a cutaway model like the cutaway
people they use in Biology to show you how a body does
its thing. Here's a link.


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