Winn Sevilla (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 19:28:45 +0800

For Filipinos...

The Gundam Singles History II & III audio Cds are out on comic alley in SM
City... ground floor.

Actually, when I first saw them, I wanted to buy them already... but I was
controlled by my nephew... haha...

but really, are those really worth buying? The real reason why I wanted them
id because I wanted those V Gundam openings & endings... but it turns out that
there's only the opening... Stand Up to the Victory and Don't Stop Carry On...

so, if I wanted to buy the ones with the ending of V Gundam, what title should
I look for?

Or should I get them in mp3 version and burn them in a CD as audio files and
maybe SELL them cheaply for profit and for the sake of buyers? heh...

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