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Eiji Hayashi wrote:

> >* The Z Plus isn't technically a Gundam, but lots of these are left
> >around the place.
> sure it is.. as long as it carries the MSA-006 serial number. The A, A1, A2,
> B, D were all Gundam. When it gets to the RGZ series, then you can argue
> they're not really Gundams.

I agree with ya... and note the designs are of the traditional gundam... and
they were called gundams after all...

> >* One V Gundam and one V2 Gundam survive the final battle with the
> >Zanscare Empire and are parked on Earth.
> they're technically not Gundams since they aren't prototypes.

Then why were they called Gundams? Just because they aren't prototypes doesn't
mean they're not gundams...
What's the sense of not calling a mobile suit a gundam if their model has the
word GUNDAM on it ?

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