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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

>* Two of the three Gundam Mark II units were scrapped for parts by the
>AEUG, and the third one was eventually blown up at the end of ZZ.

I think the original project Zeta book reported the two Mk III models were
destroyed in the fire when Kalaba assulted Kilimanjiro.. and the Alex wasn't
destroyed.. it just lost a head.

>* Char's Type 100 is trashed at the end of Z. The one in ZZ may be a
>second unit - I don't remember - but it remains intact through the end of
>the series, so if you count this as a Gundam, it's the third survivor
>after the G-3 and GP03.

it survived.. though I don't think anybody is going to find it. It was
floating around tons of space debris last I remembered.

>* The Z Gundam was blown up at the end of ZZ.
>* Most of the ZZ Gundam was destroyed at the end of ZZ (only its chest,
>one arm, and part of the head survive).

Isn't is convienient that all the Gundams, the MkII, Zeta, and ZZ were all
destroyed at the end of ZZ? Tomino did a good job in trying to bury Gundam..
too bad it didn't work.

>* The Psyco Gundam Mark II was decapitated, then salvaged by the Axis,
>who eventually rebuilt it and let the ZZ Gundam blow it up.
>* We also have Anaheim's Gundam Mark III and Augusta's Gundam Mark IV,
>which may not have entered battle and thus remained intact.

read my previous comment on the MkIIIs.

>* The Z Plus isn't technically a Gundam, but lots of these are left
>around the place.

sure it is.. as long as it carries the MSA-006 serial number. The A, A1, A2,
B, D were all Gundam. When it gets to the RGZ series, then you can argue
they're not really Gundams.

>* The Re-GZ survives the end of Char's Counterattack, minus a few limbs.

if you count the RGZ series to be Gundams. I don't consider them to be.. not
for their time atleast, since they were mass produced.

>* The Nu Gundam, presumably not

the age old question remains.. :P

>* Seabook's F91 is pretty well trashed, but another half-dozen or more
>are subsequently produced, including Captain Harrison's navy-blue one.

The F91 ceased to be a prototype by that time. Though its VSBRs were still a
force to be reckoned with even in the Crossbone series.

>* One V Gundam and one V2 Gundam survive the final battle with the
>Zanscare Empire and are parked on Earth.

they're technically not Gundams since they aren't prototypes.

You forgot Gaia Gear, Double Fake, the Blue Destiny, and all the Kazuhizo
Kondo series Mark :P


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