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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

>for anything but the three operation V prototypes and the Zaku II.
>Looking at recent reference books, I see a couple of votes for the GM
>having "super alloy" (as per some Rapport books), and several for
>"titanium alloy" (as per the latest Rapport books, Studio Hard's pilot
>guide, and the Data Collection books from Mediaworks - the publisher of
>the MS Encyclopedia). Nobody claims it has titanium-ceramic composite.

sorry.. I meant just plain Titanium armor

> In this magazine spread, the label "MS-06F [Test Type]" and the
>accompanying specs are attached to Aina's prototype Zaku, which was
>subsequently dubbed the MS-06RD4. The specs aren't supposed to apply to
>the standard F type.

well it said MS-06F.. if it's a test type they should use YMS prefix.

> Or rather, not doing. They tend to let third-party publishers fill in
>these kinds of details, which leads to a lot of confusion when Sunrise
>eventually issues an official ruling years later. As with the
>"Principality of Zeon" business...

I've come to the realization last couple of years that perhaps there is no
sense to all of this techno hodge podge. Bandai certainly doesn't enforce
the accuracy of their techno info for the 3rd party books.

> The S type is most likely short for "Shar" (the phonetic rendition of
>the Red Comet's name). Char's Zugok and Gelgoog also bore the "S" label,
>and it was only later that the S type Zaku and Zugok were explained away

perhaps.. but if you remember Mark, Char isn't the only one who pilots a
MS-06S. The same model number has also been attributed to Dozru Zabi and I
think Johnny Raiden.

> Nope. The F and J types are twins, both successors to the C type used
>during the first month of the One Year War. The F type is for space, and
>the J type for Earth use. The J is supposed to be lighter, since it omits
>some space-specific equipment. Indeed, the 08th MS Team version's dry
>weight is 56.2 tons, versus the now-accepted 58.1 tons for the F type;
>this indicates it saved two tons by dropping the space gadgetry.

I don't understand the sudden overwhelming urge to distinguish the two. Zaku
IIs has been Zaku IIs for twenty years.. now all of a sudden, a new OAV
series comes out and wants to make distinctions. Bandai Baloney! Why not
make a space type Gufu why they're at it :P

>-- Mark, spending waaaay too much time pondering specs

I hung up the Bible years ago. You're now the last surviving member of the
Gundam mechanics stat memorization club.. ^_^'

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