Eiji Hayashi (mirage_left4@hotmail.com)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 10:22:00 GMT

Thanx Ed.. but I'm quite aware of the various different variations of the
Zaku, since I have the Bibles and I know what the variations are, I was just
curious if the suffix J/FZ actually stands for any particular word.

> >Since the J stats is slightly worse than
> >the F in 8th, I surmise its an older version of the Zaku, maybe an
> >intermediary between the MS-05 and the MS-06F which is the standard.

since the Zaku really is a multi-environmental MS, and there was no
discrepencies between the space use ones and the ground use ones in the
original series, I will just mark this one off as the 8th's insistence (like
all other Gundam OAVs before that) on coming out with a newer model just to
be different.

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