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> make it short,Master Grade kits(i think you're refering to those)
> are 1/100th scale,they've got more parts and details than a High Grade
> Kit,which in turn are bigger/have more parts than a 1/144th scale kit.
> Master
> Grade kits are fairly priced imho for the amoutn of detail they have. Most
> of
> them are designed well and would take you maybe 4-5 hours to put one
> together
> straight from the box,maybe a couple days if you wanna paint it and all.
> Perfect Grade kits are the new boys on the block and they're crammed with
> ludicrious amount of details. They're 1/60th scale, meaning they're bigger
> than Master Grades(by a bit) and in turn,hold alot more stuff(i'm talkin
> workin everything,too bad they dont throw in a mini Helium-3 fusion engine
> and tiny pilot). These'll easily take you a week or so(if you're lucky) to
> build one straight from the box. Maybe a month if you're gonna paint
> everything.

Well, Master Grade models tend to take me 6-8 hours to build, and Perfect
Grade models tend to take around 18 hours to build. Or there abouts.


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