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 Very basic question. What is the difference b/n master kits and perfect
 I undertsand there were motorized gundams. Are those still available?
I assume you are asking the difference between Master Grades and Perfect
Grades. Both Models usually feature intricately detailed inner skeletons
that display the mechanics of the robots, kinda like the skeleton and muscles
of a human.

So far both grades have only depicted Universal Century, or UC, Robots. These
robots are all from the UC shows that are comprised of the Original Series,
and it's subsequent direct sequels. They are all supposed to be in the same
universe, kinda like how the X-Men and Spiderman are part of the MARVEL
universe, while Superman and Batman are part of the DC Universe.Wing Gundam,
G Gundam, and Gundam X are considered Alternate Century, or AC. A good
analogy for this is while both Superman and Spiderman fall under the category
of super heroes, they don't interact with each other in the normal course of
their comic books. In the same way, Wing Gundam robots are never seen in
Zeta Gundam, F91 Gundam, Char's CounterAttack, 0083, etc., etc.

Well either way, the Master Grades have internal structures, but their
internal structures, while often detailed, don't have a lot of extraneous
moving parts. Also they tend to be 1/100 scale which means they are big, but
not huge. The Perfect Grade models are 1/60 scale, and we are talking HUGE,
usually at least a foot tall. The Perfect Grade models have fully functional
interior skeletons that are loaded down with moveable joints and pistons. In
effect the differenc would be like making a cheap car model where you have an
engine that is just two pieces of plastic stuck together, versus having a
bigger model car where you actually put all of the individual parts of the
engine together.

To better show you the differences compare this site, showing different
Perfect Grade models

PG RX-78-2

PG MS-06 Zaku F

with these sites showing the same robot designs, but in a MG format

MG RX-78-2

MG MS-06 Zaku F


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