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>> as for the gunmetal question, try the Tamiya gunmetal but that is also very
>> dark, there is also Model Master II "metalizer" line they are laquers
>> but it seems to me like they are very metallic but keep in mind laquers if
>Dark is good, I want a greasy look... Do you mean the Tamiya regular
>(oil-based) or acrylic. Isn't Model Master II acrylic also? I didn't know
>about laquer model paints, are they different from oil-based paints?
I have never use tamiya enamels before....
I'm talking about the acryllics. Model Master II has a line of metal color
laquers they're call Metalizer. The most important thing here is, laquer cause
brain damage and I don't reccomend. Laquers are used by car modelers because
they produce a better shine, but they also melt plastics as I said before.and
use laquers w/ airbrush only.

>What color do you paint the inards (in elbows, knees and ankles) with?
>Don't tell me you use intermediate blue.

well usually I buy a flat black and flat white and mix myself and for the
verniers I usually mix whit black and silver. But when I'm really lazy I just
leave it in primer color. well I hope this helps.

- Roger


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