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Sun, 14 Nov 1999 05:48:41 -0800

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>So, on balance, production runs in the hundreds and thousands seem
>typical. Zeon supposedly cranked out 800 Zaku I and 3200 Zaku II units,
>and presumably a thousand or more of its subsequent types (Goufs, Doms,
>Gelgoogs, amphibious MS). The Federation, with its immense industrial
>capability, produced well over a thousand GMs and about 1200 Balls in the
>last few months of the war.
>-- Mark

When were the Balls first deployed?

I had always assumed that they would have been available early on in the
OYW considering they are a simple modification of a civilian device. But
some things I've read lead me to believe they came out with the GMs at the
end of the war.


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